Pictures of different types of Terrace Housing Rent Officer for Northern Ireland
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Property Results Summary



NumberSub-BuildingBuildingStreetTownTownlandPost CodeDistrict Council Area

Tenancy Details

Status: Protected or Statutory Tenancy
Exempt Post 1945
Property Type: Terrace Date of Construction: Post 1945 Rehabilitated
Reception Rooms: 1 Double Bedrooms: 1
Single Bedrooms: 2

Amenities Details

Central Heating: Full
Bath/Shower: Yes WC Inside: Yes
Wash Hand Basin: Yes Hot Water: Yes
Piped Cold Water: Yes Kitchen: Yes
Furnished: No Standard Repair Obligations: Yes
Garage: None

Current Rent Determination Details

Rent Amount: £83.08
Determined By: Rent Officer
Basis: % Increase
Rental Period: Weekly Effective Date: 13/05/2019

History of Rent Determinations

Effective DateDetermined ByAmountFrequencyReason for Change
01/08/2016Rent Officer£81.61Weekly% Increase
04/05/2015Rent Officer£80.56Weekly% Increase
05/05/2014Rent Officer£76.83Weekly% Increase
06/05/2013Rent Officer£73.74Weekly% Increase
08/05/2012Rent Officer£71.17Weekly% Increase
04/07/2011Rent Officer£67.40Weekly% Increase
01/10/2010Rent Officer£64.96Weekly% Increase
19/10/2009Rent Officer£63.75Weekly% Increase
24/08/2007Rent Assessment Committee£60.20WeeklyRent Assessment Committee Decision